Building the Ranch.....One Phase at a Time

Rogue Pony Ranch...A Dream in the Making

Through three planned phases over the next 4 years, Rogue Pony Ranch will grow to 7 acres- complete with a new barn, pastures and completion of a new farmhouse. It is a labor of love. 


Phase 1- Settling the Homestead

I was attracted to Yadkin county for a lot of reasons: it is near Jon's family, it has no less than 36 vineyards near by, and the land itself is zoned for farm animals. Nestled near a major route, I am in the country, with the lovely little village of Yadkinville right around the corner. The location is perfect! 

While I was initially looking for just land zoned for farm animals, the property also came with a new manufactured home. Bonus!  Even though it is new, and we are planning on building a farmhouse in a couple of years, I wanted to personalize the space to make it my own. 

Phase 1 included tearing down the wall strips, dry walling, painting, installing crown molding, baseboards and window trim, tiling the kitchen backslash, adding my favorite kitchen faucet, replacing many lights, staining the decks, adding new gravel, installing gutters and starting on the front yard landscaping.  

Happy to say we are WAY AHEAD of schedule. Phase 1 COMPLETE!!

Phase 2: Building the Barn and the Paddocks (2019 and 2020)

Phase 3- Building the Farmhouse (2021 and 2022)